Nationwide Territories Now Available With Smart Carpet Franchise

Smart Carpet Cleaning Franchise Has Nationwide Territories Available

Smart Carpet Cleaning is disrupting the outdated carpet cleaning industry, and is looking for entrepreneurs to lead the way. The carpet cleaning industry generates over $5 billion a year, according to MarketResearch, but is stuck in its old ways and primed for a takeover.

In steps Smart Carpet Cleaning. Using a proprietary and certified deep cleaning system, Smart Carpet Cleaning is solving the age old problem of long drying times and stains reappearing, problems that have been plaguing the industry for decades.

Smart Carpet Cleaning has also developed a business model that’s made for driving growth. Whereas other carpet cleaning companies become bogged down offering other services, like duct cleaning and upholstery, Smart Carpet Cleaning has remained committed to being the experts in just carpet cleaning, allowing our franchise owners more time to focus on delivering results and growing their business.

Smart Carpet Cleaning doesn’t require a storefront, making it so much easier for franchise owners operating in their territories. Instead, Smart Carpet Cleaning specializes in higher productivity by using vans equipped with two carpet cleaning systems, reducing job times by 25%.

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The Newest Franchise Opportunity in Carpet Cleaning

Smart Carpet Cleaning is a low-cost investment in a booming $5 billion industry, with high potential for growth as the franchise expands across the U.S. Nearly every home and business has carpet, and regular, deep-clean treatments have become critical in maintaining the life of the carpet as well as keeping a healthy living environment. But whereas most cleaning companies take hours, or even days, to allow carpets to dry, and they use solutions that often leave behind residues behind. Smart Carpet Cleaning’s proprietary process solves these issues with virtually no dry time and the ability to complete jobs faster and more efficiently.

Now is the time to get in on the ground floor of an emerging franchise with Smart Carpet Cleaning. For starters, Smart Carpet is remarkably affordable, with startup costs ranging from $123,565 to $177,225. From there, we take great care in offering all the training and support you need to be successful. Smart Carpet Cleaning franchise owners don’t need previous cleaning experience. Instead, they need a desire to build a business and are passionate about working for themselves.

“Most importantly, we really focus on the niche area of the market that’s being vastly overlooked by most companies out there,” says Chief Development Officer of Smart Carpet Dan Kramig. “The commercial market has a huge opportunity, since very few of the big players out there are even touching commercial work. We have a service that exceeds their ability to clean at a price that they can’t beat.”

Invest in Smart Carpet Cleaning Franchise Today!

Right now, Smart Carpet Cleaning is looking for entrepreneurs who want to be at the forefront of an exciting new brand in a booming industry. Smart Carpet Cleaning is offering prime territories by zip code with up to 200,000 individuals. Also, we’ve identified several key markets primed for our services.

To learn more, visit our research pages here. To start a conversation with our franchise team about investing in a Smart Carpet Cleaning franchise, fill out our form here. We look forward to hearing from you!

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