How Big Is The Demand?

Smart Carpet Cleaning franchise is solving problems that have plagued the industry for decades

It’s impossible to measure how many square feet of carpet exist in the United States, but it’s safe to say that no matter where you live, the number is bound to be bigger than you think.

To put it in perspective, there are 120,000 hotels in the United States – and all of them have carpet to clean. In Las Vegas alone, there are over 150,000 hotel rooms – and if we know anything about Las Vegas, the carpet in those rooms should be cleaned pronto! In Miami, there are 46,000 hotel rooms, in Detroit there are 36,000. In every major market, there are hundreds of hotels and thousands of rooms to be cleaned.

And that’s just hotels. We haven’t even discussed office buildings, apartment complexes, convention centers, stadiums, hospitals, senior living facilities, universities, schools, public libraries, and of course, single-family homes.

This is why carpet cleaning is a $5.9 billion industry that continues to grow year after year.

smart carpet cleaning franchise 5.9 billion

“As long as there is carpet, there’s going to be a demand for carpet cleaning,” says Dan Kramig, Chief Development Officer. “This is a recession-resistant, evergreen business to be in because there will always be a need for our services. And in this recession-resistant industry, Smart Carpet Cleaning occupies a really special place because we’ve solved the issues that have plagued the industry for years: the wet factor and residues. This means that our franchise owners have an incredible advantage in their markets in terms of ease of customer acquisition.”

We focus on an underserved and lucrative customer base: commercial clients

While the rest of the industry dukes it out over winning residential jobs from homeowners, Smart Carpet Cleaning franchise owners focus on winning commercial clients.

The reasons why are simple: commercial accounts offer far more upside in terms of revenue potential, frequency of service, and loyalty over the long-term.

Commercial clients are different from residential clients in one but very important way; they demand low prices. Because traditional carpet cleaning models have inherently high overhead and high labor expenses, it prevents them from being able to take a stronghold in this marketplace. Both the Smart Carpet Cleaning method, lower overhead costs, and a different marketing approach, Smart has solved the pricing issue with the Big Box players. When you come in with an offer that not only deep cleans and solves pain points for the commercial customer, but also is at prices that are at-or-lower-than the others, customers are eager to do long-lasting business with you.

“A residential carpet cleaning job may yield $300, but a commercial client might be worth ten times that amount,” says Robert Valois, founder. “We’ve found that our commercial clients need this service on a consistent basis, they understand that we can shorten dry times and minimize disruption to their businesses, and once they see our pricing, it becomes a no-brainer for them to sign up with us.”

And by shorter dry times, we mean our customers can walk on their carpets immediately.

“Think about a hotel,” Robert says. “It used to be that if you wanted to clean the lobby, you would have to block it off and wait for hours for it to fully dry. The same was done for entire hallways and rooms. It’s a major disruption. Our method makes it so that the disruption is minimal and barely felt. When we’re in a hotel lobby, it doesn’t need to be blocked off. The guests can walk about freely. And best yet, there’s no chemical or musky odors after we leave. In fact, our product smells so good that we’ve garnered a reputation for its pleasant smell!”

When you’re this good at carpet cleaning, you don’t need to do anything else

Another key differentiator between Smart Carpet Cleaning and other carpet cleaning franchises is the fact that we do carpet cleaning and nothing else.

We don’t clean hard surface floors, we don’t clean grouts in bathrooms and kitchens, we don’t clean upholstery or refinish granite countertops. We do carpet cleaning and nothing else – because we are that much better.

The reason? We embrace that you can be a jack of all trades, or a master of one. The Smart Carpet Cleaning method is proud to be a master of one thing; carpet cleaning and nothing else. In fact, carpet cleaning has served us so well for so many years, that we look at other services as a complete distraction and in the end would degrade our long-term growth potential.

“When you’re the best in the world at a service, you focus on that,” Robert says. “We don’t have to add ancillary services or odd jobs to increase revenue. We’ve done extremely well over the last three decades by delivering a service that our competitors cannot match and at a price point that they could never undercut. Carpet cleaning is and will always be our bread and butter.”

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