How Big is the Opportunity?

Big growth potential, streamlined business model makes Smart Carpet Cleaning a best-bet investment

When it comes down to it, entrepreneurs want to know how they can be successful. The best part about franchising is every owner can define what success means to them. People that take the leap into franchise ownership are not only realizing their dreams of operating their own business, they’re also providing a livelihood for themselves and their family.

That’s why at Smart Carpet Cleaning, we’ve taken great care to develop a business model that’s straightforward, reduces overhead and operating costs, and is designed to drive profits. Complicated equals more time and energy, and more cost. With Smart Carpet Cleaning’s simple and smart business model, franchise owners keep more money in their pocket and also have more time to grow their business.

For starters, Smart Carpet Cleaning specifically offers large, protected territories in prime growth markets. Typically, a protected territory is packaged by zip code and has the potential for up to 200,000 individuals. Plus, the Smart Carpet leadership team has conducted extensive analysis to determine which regions and markets have a need for Smart Carpet to service their community.

From there, Smart Carpet has built-in mechanisms to make sure franchise owners get the most out of their investment. While other carpet cleaning companies become bogged down and overextended by offering add-ons like duct cleaning and upholstery, Smart Carpet focuses on being the experts at carpet cleaning. Not only does this simplify operations and save franchise owners money, it also allows for quicker turnaround times. Translation: more jobs equals more earnings potential!

But that’s not all. Smart Carpet Cleaning offers streamlined software with a fully customized Salesforce CRM system, which allows franchise owners to manage their entire business under one platform. Also, a Smart Carpet Cleaning franchise doesn’t require a storefront, which means you save money on paying a lease, upkeeping the building, and paying utilities and other expenses. Instead, Smart Carpet crews head out to jobs in a customized van equipped with two carpet cleaning systems, which reduces on-site job times by up to 25%. These are just a few of the built-in efficiencies in the Smart Carpet Cleaning  business model that’s designed to make our franchise owners as successful as possible.

Jobs, jobs, jobs

One other huge way Smart Carpet Cleaning has thrived in the communities it services is through job selection. More specifically, Smart Carpet Cleaning specializes in commercial projects that are price-driven and creates year round sustainability, typically through businesses such as hotels or senior living facilities. Plus, we place a great emphasis on return customers, which allows franchise owners to have a steady, reliable revenue stream.

“One of the reasons to target commercial jobs, particularly hotels, senior living facilities, and related customers, is to enter long-term relationships so you can do business over a longer period of time. That’s the best kind of service to run,” says Dan Kramig, Chief Development Officer of Smart Carpet Cleaning franchise, “We’re also going after sectors that aren’t looking to get their carpet cleaned once every year or few years. We’re looking at people who have high foot traffic and need consistent maintenance for their buildings. So when we come in, offering an affordable, quality service that they’ve never seen before, the relationship lasts for the long term.”

Smart Carpet Cleaning is a disruptive carpet cleaning franchise with a powerful business model that features low overhead, low costs to get in and low ongoing operating costs. Smart Carpet is looking for energetic and passionate entrepreneurs who want to build multi-territory markets and make a great living while doing it. To learn more, visit our research pages or make a request for more information today!

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