What Is Smart Carpet Cleaning Franchise?

The most disruptive carpet cleaning franchise the industry has ever seen

Truly disruptive brands are incredibly rare. By solving a common problem at a price point that is attractive to consumers, true disruptors earn the right to take market share, and companies unable or unwilling to change are displaced. As a result, disruptive brands make an outsized impact in the way consumers see the marketplace. Uber, Netflix, Airbnb are just a few examples.

But outside of Silicon Valley, the world of disruptors gets even rarer. In the $5.9 billion carpet cleaning industry, only one brand meets the qualifications – and it’s one that you should start paying attention to right away.

Enter Smart Carpet Cleaning. For several decades, Smart Carpet Cleaning founder Robert Valois has been quietly building the most disruptive carpet cleaning business the industry has ever seen. Smart Carpet Cleaning’s proprietary deep cleaning process is not only more effective than traditional carpet cleaning, but it’s more cost-effective, too. 

Franchising for the first time, Smart Carpet Cleaning is ready to take our revolutionary business model across the United States.

“To qualify as a HIT brand, a highly investable brand, you need to have solved a recognized common problem, to both residential and commercial markets, and to do it at below market cost – and that is exactly what we’ve done,” Robert says. “It didn’t happen overnight, in fact, this has been a 30-year journey for me. I’m confident that our method of cleaning carpet will become the dominant method, and that our brand will become the dominant brand in carpet cleaning going forward. Now is an exciting time to be a part of Smart Carpet Cleaning because we’re right at the beginning of expanding, but once the word gets out, it’s going to take off like wildfire.”

What makes us so SMART?

Traditional carpet cleaning businesses are really in the business of giving carpets a bath. The primary method of cleaning carpet today is called hot water extraction, commonly known as steam cleaning, which uses an astonishing amount of water.

Smart Carpet Cleaning is here to change all of that.

Our proprietary system uses 90% less water than traditional steam cleaning methods. Steam cleaning typically uses 30-50 gallons of water to clean 1,000 square feet of carpet, while Smart Carpet Cleaning only uses 3 gallons! This low moisture approach allows our clients to walk on the carpet immediately, and never need fans or open windows to dry over the course of hours. Our approach also keeps the backing of the carpet dry, which prevents carpet slack, degradation, and ensures the carpet lasts as long as possible while looking great!

smart carpet 3 gallons a minute

Also, the Smart Carpet Cleaning method never soaks the carpet pad, which can re-activate foul smells and creates a perfect breeding ground for microbes and bacteria. Along with our very low moisture method, Smart Carpet Cleaning has a proprietary carpet cleaning formula that never leaves behind any nasty residues in your carpet fiber, thus keeping carpets looking clean for much longer.

Don’t take our word for it. Our process has been independently tested by a professional laboratory to verify that we are truly deep cleaning and do no harm to carpets.

“Our method of cleaning carpet is a breakthrough in the industry,” Robert says. “Our customers can use their carpet immediately. There’s no hassle, there’s no interruption, and their carpet not only looks cleaner longer, they are truly cleaner. Our method is very visual because we actually remove the soil that was in the carpet onto pads, and we can show the customer how much soil they were living with. It’s incredibly effective. But most importantly, our method helps carpets last longer. All of these advantages add up to be a no-brainer decision from our customers’ point of view.”

smart carpet employee

Our Efficiencies Make Our Pricing Smarter

Having a service that blows away the competition wouldn’t matter at all if the average customer could find a cheaper option.

But Smart Carpet Cleaning isn’t just competitive on pricing, we’re actually a whole lot more affordable than other brands in the carpet cleaning industry.

“All carpet service companies are faced with various costs of doing business,” Robert says. “Our approach to business has greatly reduced these costs. We have a single purpose – we do carpet cleaning and nothing else. This means less equipment to purchase and a smaller budget-friendly van can be used. Our system uses no liquid fuels to operate and requires no water source. We only need electricity. Because our method of cleaning is far more efficient and adaptive, we can go through most carpeted areas very quickly and have the needed extra time to target high-use areas to achieve maximum results.”

Being the most efficient player in the game means that our franchise owners are able to save their customers both money and time, while also benefiting from cost and time savings themselves. By being able to complete jobs quickly and efficiently, our franchise owners are able to take on more jobs than traditional carpet cleaning businesses, without having to cut any corners or offer any other service aside from carpet cleaning.

“Being singularly focused means that all we do is clean carpets,” Robert says. “We’re the best in the world at what we do, and we don’t waste time with added services. When done right, carpet cleaning offers unlimited potential.”

We’re ready for the big time

Being a qualified disruptor means that we’re ready to take market share and become the dominant brand in carpet cleaning.

We’re looking for savvy entrepreneurs who are excited about the opportunity to join a brand that is challenging the status quo, that is rewriting the growth potential of a carpet cleaning business, and that is offering a level of service that no one else can offer.

This is a proven concept,” Robert says. I’ve spent decades developing this process. I know exactly what it takes to run and grow a successful carpet cleaning business, and I am ready to help anyone who franchises with us grow a business that allows them to realize their dreams. We’re excited about the future and can’t wait to rapidly expand with entrepreneurs who share our drive to win.”

Make the SMART choice

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