Interview with Smart Carpet’s Chief Development Officer

Not all Carpet Cleaning Franchises are Created Equal

It’s true, there are a lot of carpet cleaning franchises out there, but not all are created equal. Smart Carpet Cleaning is a unique opportunity that offers fresh and eco-friendly services in an industry currently dominated by a very outdated carpet cleaning system. Newly appointed Chief Development Officer of Smart Carpet franchise, Dan Kramig, said it’s time to get excited.

Smart Carpet not only developed a revolutionary method of carpet cleaning, but has perfected a business model primed to take the market by storm. “Up until now, there’s been complacency, with minimal changes to the carpet industry,” Kramig said. “Now, Smart Carpet is bringing carpet cleaning into the next evolution.”

In this wide ranging interview, Kramig talked about what makes Smart Carpet a unique investment opportunity, what makes a great franchise owner, why now is the time to invest, and much, much more!

dan kramig chief development officer

What is unique about Smart Carpet franchise?

Smart Carpet opens the door for you to gain clients and traction in areas that the standard steam cleaning methods can’t serve properly. Smart Carpet allows you to get into a space that’s lucrative. You can walk into commercial projects that are price-driven and allow you to achieve high productivity than a traditional cleaner can. You’re going to have a really clear value proposition for the person who manages a hotel or senior living facility. The reason hotels and senior living facilities struggle with traditional carpet cleaning is their residents are highly inconvenienced while it’s being cleaned. Smart Carpet, however, can clean properties in short periods of time, and carpets can be walked on immediately.

How does Smart Carpet simplify the day-to-day?

Since we use 90% less water, there’s so much less equipment to worry about. We don’t have to run hoses into the facilities, especially on a multi-floor complex like a hotel. We don’t have to worry about having many fans running, disturbing guests’ visits, and we can be in and out in a much shorter period of time. That allows us to be much more efficient and fluid in our business operation, to fit more jobs into a day.

Why does Smart Carpet specifically target commercial jobs?

One of the reasons to target commercial jobs, particularly hotels, senior living facilities, and other large properties, is to enter long-term contracts and build relationships so you can do business over a longer period of time. That’s the best kind of service to run.

We’re also going after sectors that aren’t looking to get a carpet cleaned once every year or few years. We’re looking at people who have high foot traffic and need consistent maintenance on their carpets. So when we come in, offering an affordable, quality service that they’ve never seen before, it lasts for the long term.

Why is now the best time to invest in Smart Carpet franchise?

Now’s a great time to look at Smart Carpet franchise, because we’re offering a premium service at a price point that the competitors are struggling to even come close to. We’re also servicing a sector of the market that’s largely untouched at the moment. And we are offering really great dedicated territories and some of the best markets of the United States. We offer a really powerful business model for franchisees to follow. It’s low overhead, low cost to get into, and overall low equipment maintenance.

What are you looking for in potential franchise owners?

First and foremost, you have to have a passion for driving and growing a business. We’re offering a revolutionary breakthrough in the carpet cleaning industry, and we want people who are going to take that opportunity and help us become a major player in the market.

Also, we really want to make sure we have people who can follow a system. We’re offering a new idea on how to go about carpet cleaning. So if you’re able to come in, have the drive and motivation to work for yourself and build a business for yourself, while following a system created to help you succeed, that’s who we want to talk to.

What are the future goals for Smart Carpet franchise?

We’ve set out to overtake a market that up until now has been dominated by outdated systems and programs that do just enough to make customers happy. We’re going to be looking to get across the entire nation, opening up locations with very strong owners in all the major cities in the U.S. We want to build multi-territory options in some of these really heavy markets too. And overall, we want to change the whole game on how people think about carpet cleaning. The more people we have who are driven and make an effort, the more people will see that all these old outdated methods of carpet cleaning just don’t make sense anymore.

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