Revolutionizing The Carpet Cleaning Industry

Smart Carpet is Changing the Carpet Cleaning Industry

Since carpets were invented, their primary cleaning method has been hot water extraction, or steam cleaning, which uses a significant amount of water and cleaning product. Unfortunately, this method has many downsides: water creates mildew and bacteria at the base of the carpet, weakens the fibers, doesn’t fully eliminate stains, and takes hours upon hours to dry.

Thirty years ago, Smart Carpet founder and CEO Robert Valois saw an opportunity to reimagine the carpet cleaning industry, and has spent decades perfecting the Smart Carpet cleaning process and business model. Now as a franchise, Smart Carpet is poised to revolutionize the carpet cleaning industry and take the marketplace by storm.

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How Smart Carpet Revolutionizes the Carpet Cleaning Industry

At Smart Carpet Cleaning, we’ve created breakthrough cleaning technology that has the potential to completely upend the industry. We call it the Rapid Soil Transfer process. As Robert explains, “After vacuuming, we use a static attraction pad that literally transfers soil from the carpet fiber up into the cleaning pad. The pads are specially designed, and feature a distinct kind of yarn that aids in the static attraction – you can’t find them anywhere else in the U.S.”

All in all, the entire process uses 90% less water than steam cleaning. Instead of using gallons upon gallons of hot water to remove dirt from your carpets, Robert has figured out how to harness the natural power of static electricity to extract soil from carpet fibers, saving time and money for both the business and the client, all while prolonging the life of carpet.

“The cleaning pads are washable and reusable – they typically last two to three years – making the whole process so much more eco-friendly than steam cleaning,” Robert explains. “Our rapid soil transfer method is so effective and unique, I’m confident it can revolutionize the carpet cleaning industry.”

Concentrating on Commercial Spaces

We’ve streamlined our business to be as focused and effective as possible. By concentrating on commercial spaces, we can provide a more specialized service to our clients, and reduce the costs and pricing that would come with a more diverse targeted business model.

From a business perspective, there are clear benefits. The average residential ticket is $300, whereas the average commercial billing is $3,000. Commercial spaces are also more likely to need regular cleanings, which leads to repeat business. Simply put, a more streamlined business makes for a better franchise, and easier expansion across the marketplace. As Robert points out, “When all your energy is just focused directly into carpet cleaning, it makes for a very nimble business. You could run a Smart Carpet out of a garage.”

Concentrating on commercial spaces also allows our franchisees to provide a better service to clients. Places like senior care centers, or retail spaces, for example, benefit the most from our quick turnaround and no-fume cleaning products. It’s a game-changer to not have to shut down operations while they wait for their carpets to dry, and we’re proud to provide such a useful and high-quality service to commercial spaces around the United States.

Always Supported in Business

At Smart Carpet Cleaning, we’re proud to have designed our business with franchise support at the forefront. As a franchise owner, you’ll receive hands-on training and mentorship directly from founder Robert Valois and his team. Starting with an in-person training session at our corporate headquarters, we’ll walk you through every level of business operations, from cleaning methods and product application, to marketing strategy, technology support, and much more. We’ve designed our support system to help you reach your greatest potential as a business owner. No matter how far along you are in your franchising journey, we’ll always be there to offer guidance and support.

As Robert says, “We’re absolutely committed to the success of our franchise owners. This business has been a 30-year journey for me. I waited to franchise until I was absolutely sure that this business was dialed in, that we could replicate the success we’ve had in this market across the country, and that we could blow the competition away not only in terms of our service offering, but also in terms of price. So that’s my commitment to our franchise owners. I’m going to be there every step of the way so that they can build a business that continues to grow and prosper over the long-term.”

Learn More about Franchising with Smart Carpet

Smart Carpet is a paradigm-shifting business ready to change the carpet cleaning industry. As a business owner, the opportunity couldn’t be greater. To learn more about joining the Smart Carpet family now, visit our research pages here. If you’re ready to start a conversation with a Smart Carpet franchise team member about investing in the Smart Carpet cleaning franchise opportunity, fill out our form here and we’ll be in touch!

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