Is Smart Carpet Cleaning A Franchise?

Yes! Smart Carpet Cleaning is a Franchise!

Smart Carpet Cleaning is a rapidly expanding carpet cleaning franchise poised to take over a booming industry. Join us to take advantage of a new brand ready to revolutionize the carpet cleaning industry!

Smart Carpet was founded by CEO Robert Valois, who knew that there had to be a better way to clean carpets and solve the many negative problems associated with traditional steam cleaning. After decades of hard work, the solution was found with a new, smarter method: low moisture carpet cleaning that uses 90% less water and can still achieve the deep cleaning results that the consumer demands. Now in 2023, all the pieces are in place for Smart Carpet to expand into many franchise locations across the United States.

Smart Carpet’s revolutionary cleaning process has been gold-certified for deep cleaning by the Carpet and Rug Institute, the leading third-party institution in the industry. The low-moisture approach extends the life of the carpet, is environmentally friendly, and saves time and hassle for the client and business alike. A normal job would take hours or even days to dry with steam cleaning, whereas Smart’s method allows carpets to be walked on immediately and are dry in about 30 minutes. The benefits couldn’t be clearer. As CEO Robert Valois says, “I’m confident that we will become the dominant brand in carpet cleaning going forward. Now is an exciting time to be a part of Smart Carpet Cleaning, because we’re right at the beginning of expanding, but once the word gets out, it’s going to take off like wildfire.”

Now valued annually as a $5.9 billion dollar industry, the business opportunity couldn’t be greater for you, the entrepreneur, to invest in a Smart Carpet franchise.

is smart carpet a franchise

Revolutionizing the Carpet Cleaning Industry

The carpet cleaning industry has remained largely unchanged since the 1960s, when the hot water extraction method, or “steam cleaning,” became the industry standard. Although steam cleaning has remained the most popular process for decades, it has many downsides. For one, it uses too much water (up to 50 gallons in 1,000 square feet!), which is not only wasteful, but causes degradation to the carpet and creates an environment for bacteria and foul smells. Heavy water usage also means customers are forced to wait hours or even days for their carpets to dry after cleaning, which can be impractical and cause real difficulties in places like senior living facilities or hotels.

As Valois puts it, “Our method of cleaning carpet is a breakthrough in the industry. It’s incredibly effective. But most importantly, we are able to provide deep cleaning results without all of the negative side effects consumers are frustrated with. All of these advantages add up to be a no-brainer decision from our customers’ point of view.” This also adds up to a win-win for potential investors and anyone looking to succeed in the industry: the opportunities for growth couldn’t be greater.

Affordable Startup Costs

At Smart Carpet Cleaning, we’ve simplified and streamlined our operations to eliminate unnecessary costs, provide the best services possible, and create the maximum potential for growth. Initial cost to invest in the Smart Carpet Cleaning franchise opportunity ranges from $123,565 – $177,225, which includes everything you need to get your business started, such as equipment, startup marketing, and working capital.

“All carpet service companies are faced with various costs of doing business,” CEO Robert Valois says. “Our approach to business has greatly reduced these costs. We have a single purpose – we do carpet cleaning and nothing else. This means less equipment to purchase, and a smaller budget-friendly van can be used. Because our method of cleaning is far more efficient and adaptive, we can go through most carpeted areas very quickly and have the needed extra time to target high-use areas to achieve maximum results.”

Unparalleled Franchise Support

For every franchise owner, Smart Carpet Cleaning can offer comprehensive training and support in all levels of the operation, including how to use our proprietary cleaning method, how to market effectively in your community, how to develop your team, and how to best realize your potential in your marketplace. No previous experience in the industry is necessary. All you need is a passion for the business, and we can teach you the rest.

Becoming a Smart Carpet Cleaning franchise owner means you have continued access to unparalleled support and guidance from the franchise support team. With marketing resources, 24/7 call support, and a direct line to the innovator of the process himself, it’s safe to say you and your business are in good hands.

Invest in Smart Carpet Franchise Today

Smart Carpet franchise is ready to bring your entrepreneurial dreams to life. With a revolutionary cleaning method and a smart, streamlined business model, the potential for growth is enormous. To learn more about the Smart Carpet Cleaning franchise opportunity, visit our research pages here.

Start your franchising journey with Smart Carpet today by filling out an inquiry form here, and we will be in touch with a complimentary copy of our Franchise Information Report. We’re excited to meet you and help you realize your potential as a franchise owner in this exciting industry.

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