What Makes The Best Smart Carpet Franchise Owner

The Best Smart Carpet Franchise Owner

Smart Carpet is a rapidly expanding carpet cleaning franchise with a revolutionary cleaning method, a streamlined business model, and years of experience at our backs. CEO Robert Valois has spent the last thirty years developing a product and franchise model that could sweep the market and rewrite the rules of the industry, and we couldn’t be more excited for what’s ahead.

Valued at over $7 billion a year annually, according to IBIS World, the carpet cleaning industry is a massive and ever-growing industry, and the business opportunity couldn’t be greater. If you’re a driven entrepreneur, the time is now, and the potential is great to join the Smart Carpet franchise team. So what makes a good Smart Carpet franchise owner? We like to think of it as three essential qualities.

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1. A Desire to Be Your Own Boss

Owning your own business is a big commitment, but if you’re self-motivated and driven, you’re on the right track. So many entrepreneurs have left traditional careers to discover freedom and independence in franchising. As a franchise owner with Smart Carpet, you’re in charge of your own schedule and earning potential. You set your own hours, hire your own employees, and maintain relationships with your customers.

We know how fulfilling it can be to run your own business, so we’ve designed our franchise model to allow you as much freedom as you’d like, while also being there for support whenever you need it. Though franchise partners come from many different walks of life, an essential shared quality is an appreciation for independence, and a desire to reach their greatest potential as entrepreneurs.

2. A People Person

One of the great joys – and also responsibilities – of being your own boss in this industry is the close personal relationships you get to create and cultivate. Simply put, you gotta be a people person. From building out your team of employees, training and managing them, you’ll be in charge of maintaining a healthy ecosystem in your business. This is true internally, and also with your clients.

One great advantage of franchising with Smart Carpet vs. going it alone in business is that you get to inherit our established brand identity. However, it comes down to each franchise owner to maintain their customer base. Smart Carpet takes a very targeted approach to our business model. We focus exclusively on commercial spaces, which we believe allows us to offer a more specialized product, and also gives us a leg up over other carpet cleaning companies, which generally spread themselves thin trying to service every possible residential and commercial space. That being said, there is still a wide variety of settings franchisees find themselves in. One of the main skills in this business is understanding how to best orient yourself from one social setting to another. If you’re able to leave a customer feeling understood and happy, there’s a great chance they’ll call on you again the next time they need cleaning.

3. A Want to Help Your Community

The traditional carpet cleaning method, known as hot water extraction or “steam cleaning,” essentially gives your carpets a bath in hot water. Although steam cleaning is the dominant method in the industry, it actually creates lots of problems. For one, the excess amount of water used is not only wasteful and unnecessary, but allows mildew and bacteria to grow in the carpet backing, wears out the carpet fibers, and perhaps most importantly, takes hours and sometimes even days to dry completely. While this long dry time might not be the end of the world in a residential setting, it can create all kinds of logistical problems in places like assisted living facilities and retail spaces. Think of how disruptive it can be in those spaces to put operations on pause while you wait for your carpets to dry out.

With Smart Carpet, we’ve invented a revolutionary cleaning method that uses 90% less water, and harnesses the power of static electricity to extract dirt from your carpets. As a result, your carpets are dry and ready to be used again as soon as we’re done cleaning. Not only does this greatly benefit our customers, the time and resources saved allows our franchises to service more clients than our competitors, and at better price points, lower labor costs, and better margins. There’s benefits in every direction. In the end, what Smart Carpet does is provide a valuable service to your community. Our franchise network creates well-paying jobs, and our unique cleaning method helps businesses and commercial spaces keep their carpets clean and their doors open. An integral part of the Smart Carpet franchise culture is a drive to help their community as best they can, and we’re proud to have designed a business that’s as community and service-oriented as ours.

Become a Smart Carpet Franchise Owner Today

If you’re a driven entrepreneur with a passion for helping your community, joining the Smart Carpet team could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. Every day, people are discovering how fulfilling it is to join the Smart Carpet franchise network and become their own boss in a booming industry. To learn more about franchising with Smart Carpet, visit our research pages here. If you’re ready to start a conversation with our team about investing in the Smart Carpet franchise opportunity, fill out our form here and we’ll be in touch! Thanks for your interest, and we look forward to hearing from you

3 Reasons to Invest in Smart Carpet Franchise

Why Invest in a Smart Carpet Franchise

At Smart Carpet, we are experienced innovators in the carpet cleaning industry, and we’re ready to rapidly expand across the United States. Robert Valois founded the original location over 30 years ago, so we have decades of experience under our belt, and a smart and focused business model. Most importantly, in an industry dominated by outdated technology and cleaning methods, we have a unique and revolutionary process with the potential to overtake the market and rewrite the rules of the game. We’re looking for driven, business-minded people to join our franchise family today.

Take Ownership – Make it Yours

One of the greatest things a franchise can offer you is the freedom to be your own boss. So many entrepreneurs have left the corporate space to discover how liberating it can be to run a franchise. As a franchise owner with Smart Carpet, you get to set your own schedule, hire and train your own team of employees, and cultivate and maintain client relationships.

Smart Carpet franchise is designed to have a very nimble and flexible business model. It’s easy to scale, and the equipment needed to operate a location is compact and flexible, allowing you the freedom to customize your business, and orient yourself to your specific marketplace.

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Meeting the Demand: A Competitive Edge

According to IBISWorld, the carpet cleaning industry is valued at over $6 billion, and continues to grow every year. Carpet cleaning is a business with a guaranteed demand – as long as there are carpets, there will be a need for carpet cleaning. While most carpet cleaning companies spread their resources thin trying to cover every possible corner of the market, we’ve taken a very targeted and niche approach that allows us to excel in our field and better meet the demands of the market. We specifically concentrate on commercial spaces, such as nursing homes and hotels, and for good reason. Commercial clients are much more likely to give repeat business, and their spaces are generally larger and more lucrative to service. The average residential carpet cleaning billing is around $300, while the average commercial space bill is around $3,000.

Commercial spaces also benefit most from our unique low-moisture cleaning process. For decades now, carpet cleaning companies have created logistical headaches in places that can’t afford to shut down while they wait for their carpets to dry, like retail spaces and assisted living facilities. Imagine how disruptive it can be in a nursing home to make all the carpeted areas unusable for hours or days while they air out. Our patented Rapid Soil Transfer Technology uses 90% less water and leaves the carpets clean, healthy, and ready to be used again immediately. It’s better for the customer, and the turnaround on each project is quicker, allowing our franchises to offer lower price points and have higher productivity than the competition. The benefits of our business model are unmistakable, and they’re available from the get-go to every member of our franchise team.

Expert Support for Franchisees

Running a business can come with its fair share of challenges. One of the greatest benefits of franchising is having the support system and resources of a brand at your back whenever you need it. When faced with obstacles, franchise support can make all the difference. This is why the team behind Smart Carpet franchise has gone to great lengths to ensure you will always have the support you need to reach your highest potential as a franchise owner. Starting with a hands-on training session at our corporate headquarters, founder Robert Valois and his team will teach you everything you need to know about running a Smart Carpet franchise – from cleaning methods, marketing strategies, and tech support. Once you’re up and running, there’s always a 24/7 direct line open to headquarters to help you troubleshoot and solve any problems you may be facing. Our decades of experience in the business have taught us how important it is to have a support system you can lean on when you need it, and it’s our commitment to every franchise partner. As Valois says, “We’re absolutely committed to the success of our franchise owners. I’m going to be there every step of the way so that they can build a business that continues to grow and prosper over the long-term.”

Support can come in many forms, and designing a franchise model that is as affordable and financially accessible as possible is one way we help our franchise partners along in their franchising journey. If you’re not burdened with unnecessary fees and overhead costs, you’re more likely to prosper as a business, it’s as simple as that. We’re proud to have eliminated as many obstacles to entry as possible for any interested entrepreneur. There’s no storefront necessary, for example, and the startup fees are affordable compared to other franchises in the industry. Our very targeted customer base and cost-effective cleaning method means you can reach more clients in less time than the competition, giving you a leg up on your revenue stream. At every level of operations, we’ve put our years of experience to use in designing a business that is supportive and fulfilling.

Learn More about Franchising with Smart Carpet

Interested in starting your own business with Smart Carpet? The benefits of partnering with Smart Carpet could not be greater. We are a paradigm-shifting company ready to take over the carpet cleaning industry, and we’re looking for driven business leaders like you to join our team. To learn more about franchising with Smart Carpet today, visit our research pages here. If you’re ready to start a conversation with our franchise team about the next steps to becoming a Smart Carpet franchise owner, fill out our inquiry form here. We look forward to hearing from you!

Smart Carpet Franchise Makes a Great Family Business

Start a Family Business with Smart Carpet Franchise

Starting a family business can be a rewarding experience, but it can also be challenging. One way to make the process easier is by investing in a franchise! Whether you are starting a business with your kids in order to teach them valuable skills, or teaming up with your significant other to start a small business, Smart Carpet Franchise is a great option for families of any kind looking to start a business together.

With Smart Carpet, franchise owners can choose their own schedule and work around their family commitments. This flexibility can make it easier for families to start a business together, without sacrificing their family time. With a franchise like Smart Carpet, you also get the freedom to choose your own team. Hiring and training people you trust as technicians and admin support, learning the skills yourself with your partner, or finding the right team member that sees your vision is just one of the many benefits of investing in a Smart Carpet franchise.

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Proven and Supported

No matter who you are teaming with, starting a business from scratch can be risky, especially if you are inexperienced. With Smart Carpet Cleaning franchise, you can rely on a proven and tested business model that’s easy to follow, so while experience is beneficial, it’s not necessary! Our Founder and CEO, Robert Valois, has spent over thirty years engineering our revolutionary carpet cleaning process, as well as perfecting the Smart Carpet business model. This established business model can help families avoid costly mistakes and help their businesses grow.

And the biggest benefit of franchising with Smart Carpet? Your team receives hands-on, comprehensive training and ongoing support for the life of your franchise. During the training process, you get to learn everything from our unique Rapid Soil Transfer process to marketing strategies catered to your community through a 1-on-1 structure from our CEO and support team. Once you officially launch your business and hit the ground running, our support keeps going. Any time you have tech troubleshooting or questions on the job, your Smart Carpet franchise team is a call away, 24/7. This level of support is unmatched, and helps ensure you are set up for growth!

“We’ve streamlined our operations so much that you could run a Smart Carpet franchise out of a garage,” says Valois. “And it’s a better product for the customers. By eliminating excess water and drying time, we can offer lower price points, because we achieve the same result in less time. It took us 15 years to develop this method. We’ve already done the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to.”

Franchise with Smart Carpet Today!

Smart Carpet Franchise is a great opportunity for families of any kind looking to start and grow a business together. With comprehensive support and training, a proven business model, and the flexibility families need, Smart Carpet Franchise can help your family achieve your entrepreneurial dreams. If you are considering starting a family business, consider investing in Smart Carpet Franchise. To learn more, visit our research pages here. If you’re ready to start a conversation with our franchise team about investing in a Smart Carpet to start your family business, fill out our form here. We’ll be in touch with more information about the Smart Carpet franchise opportunity and answer any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!

Revolutionizing The Carpet Cleaning Industry

Smart Carpet is Changing the Carpet Cleaning Industry

Since carpets were invented, their primary cleaning method has been hot water extraction, or steam cleaning, which uses a significant amount of water and cleaning product. Unfortunately, this method has many downsides: water creates mildew and bacteria at the base of the carpet, weakens the fibers, doesn’t fully eliminate stains, and takes hours upon hours to dry.

Thirty years ago, Smart Carpet founder and CEO Robert Valois saw an opportunity to reimagine the carpet cleaning industry, and has spent decades perfecting the Smart Carpet cleaning process and business model. Now as a franchise, Smart Carpet is poised to revolutionize the carpet cleaning industry and take the marketplace by storm.

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How Smart Carpet Revolutionizes the Carpet Cleaning Industry

At Smart Carpet Cleaning, we’ve created breakthrough cleaning technology that has the potential to completely upend the industry. We call it the Rapid Soil Transfer process. As Robert explains, “After vacuuming, we use a static attraction pad that literally transfers soil from the carpet fiber up into the cleaning pad. The pads are specially designed, and feature a distinct kind of yarn that aids in the static attraction – you can’t find them anywhere else in the U.S.”

All in all, the entire process uses 90% less water than steam cleaning. Instead of using gallons upon gallons of hot water to remove dirt from your carpets, Robert has figured out how to harness the natural power of static electricity to extract soil from carpet fibers, saving time and money for both the business and the client, all while prolonging the life of carpet.

“The cleaning pads are washable and reusable – they typically last two to three years – making the whole process so much more eco-friendly than steam cleaning,” Robert explains. “Our rapid soil transfer method is so effective and unique, I’m confident it can revolutionize the carpet cleaning industry.”

Concentrating on Commercial Spaces

We’ve streamlined our business to be as focused and effective as possible. By concentrating on commercial spaces, we can provide a more specialized service to our clients, and reduce the costs and pricing that would come with a more diverse targeted business model.

From a business perspective, there are clear benefits. The average residential ticket is $300, whereas the average commercial billing is $3,000. Commercial spaces are also more likely to need regular cleanings, which leads to repeat business. Simply put, a more streamlined business makes for a better franchise, and easier expansion across the marketplace. As Robert points out, “When all your energy is just focused directly into carpet cleaning, it makes for a very nimble business. You could run a Smart Carpet out of a garage.”

Concentrating on commercial spaces also allows our franchisees to provide a better service to clients. Places like senior care centers, or retail spaces, for example, benefit the most from our quick turnaround and no-fume cleaning products. It’s a game-changer to not have to shut down operations while they wait for their carpets to dry, and we’re proud to provide such a useful and high-quality service to commercial spaces around the United States.

Always Supported in Business

At Smart Carpet Cleaning, we’re proud to have designed our business with franchise support at the forefront. As a franchise owner, you’ll receive hands-on training and mentorship directly from founder Robert Valois and his team. Starting with an in-person training session at our corporate headquarters, we’ll walk you through every level of business operations, from cleaning methods and product application, to marketing strategy, technology support, and much more. We’ve designed our support system to help you reach your greatest potential as a business owner. No matter how far along you are in your franchising journey, we’ll always be there to offer guidance and support.

As Robert says, “We’re absolutely committed to the success of our franchise owners. This business has been a 30-year journey for me. I waited to franchise until I was absolutely sure that this business was dialed in, that we could replicate the success we’ve had in this market across the country, and that we could blow the competition away not only in terms of our service offering, but also in terms of price. So that’s my commitment to our franchise owners. I’m going to be there every step of the way so that they can build a business that continues to grow and prosper over the long-term.”

Learn More about Franchising with Smart Carpet

Smart Carpet is a paradigm-shifting business ready to change the carpet cleaning industry. As a business owner, the opportunity couldn’t be greater. To learn more about joining the Smart Carpet family now, visit our research pages here. If you’re ready to start a conversation with a Smart Carpet franchise team member about investing in the Smart Carpet cleaning franchise opportunity, fill out our form here and we’ll be in touch!

Is Smart Carpet Cleaning A Franchise?

Yes! Smart Carpet Cleaning is a Franchise!

Smart Carpet Cleaning is a rapidly expanding carpet cleaning franchise poised to take over a booming industry. Join us to take advantage of a new brand ready to revolutionize the carpet cleaning industry!

Smart Carpet was founded by CEO Robert Valois, who knew that there had to be a better way to clean carpets and solve the many negative problems associated with traditional steam cleaning. After decades of hard work, the solution was found with a new, smarter method: low moisture carpet cleaning that uses 90% less water and can still achieve the deep cleaning results that the consumer demands. Now in 2023, all the pieces are in place for Smart Carpet to expand into many franchise locations across the United States.

Smart Carpet’s revolutionary cleaning process has been gold-certified for deep cleaning by the Carpet and Rug Institute, the leading third-party institution in the industry. The low-moisture approach extends the life of the carpet, is environmentally friendly, and saves time and hassle for the client and business alike. A normal job would take hours or even days to dry with steam cleaning, whereas Smart’s method allows carpets to be walked on immediately and are dry in about 30 minutes. The benefits couldn’t be clearer. As CEO Robert Valois says, “I’m confident that we will become the dominant brand in carpet cleaning going forward. Now is an exciting time to be a part of Smart Carpet Cleaning, because we’re right at the beginning of expanding, but once the word gets out, it’s going to take off like wildfire.”

Now valued annually as a $5.9 billion dollar industry, the business opportunity couldn’t be greater for you, the entrepreneur, to invest in a Smart Carpet franchise.

is smart carpet a franchise

Revolutionizing the Carpet Cleaning Industry

The carpet cleaning industry has remained largely unchanged since the 1960s, when the hot water extraction method, or “steam cleaning,” became the industry standard. Although steam cleaning has remained the most popular process for decades, it has many downsides. For one, it uses too much water (up to 50 gallons in 1,000 square feet!), which is not only wasteful, but causes degradation to the carpet and creates an environment for bacteria and foul smells. Heavy water usage also means customers are forced to wait hours or even days for their carpets to dry after cleaning, which can be impractical and cause real difficulties in places like senior living facilities or hotels.

As Valois puts it, “Our method of cleaning carpet is a breakthrough in the industry. It’s incredibly effective. But most importantly, we are able to provide deep cleaning results without all of the negative side effects consumers are frustrated with. All of these advantages add up to be a no-brainer decision from our customers’ point of view.” This also adds up to a win-win for potential investors and anyone looking to succeed in the industry: the opportunities for growth couldn’t be greater.

Affordable Startup Costs

At Smart Carpet Cleaning, we’ve simplified and streamlined our operations to eliminate unnecessary costs, provide the best services possible, and create the maximum potential for growth. Initial cost to invest in the Smart Carpet Cleaning franchise opportunity ranges from $123,565 – $177,225, which includes everything you need to get your business started, such as equipment, startup marketing, and working capital.

“All carpet service companies are faced with various costs of doing business,” CEO Robert Valois says. “Our approach to business has greatly reduced these costs. We have a single purpose – we do carpet cleaning and nothing else. This means less equipment to purchase, and a smaller budget-friendly van can be used. Because our method of cleaning is far more efficient and adaptive, we can go through most carpeted areas very quickly and have the needed extra time to target high-use areas to achieve maximum results.”

Unparalleled Franchise Support

For every franchise owner, Smart Carpet Cleaning can offer comprehensive training and support in all levels of the operation, including how to use our proprietary cleaning method, how to market effectively in your community, how to develop your team, and how to best realize your potential in your marketplace. No previous experience in the industry is necessary. All you need is a passion for the business, and we can teach you the rest.

Becoming a Smart Carpet Cleaning franchise owner means you have continued access to unparalleled support and guidance from the franchise support team. With marketing resources, 24/7 call support, and a direct line to the innovator of the process himself, it’s safe to say you and your business are in good hands.

Invest in Smart Carpet Franchise Today

Smart Carpet franchise is ready to bring your entrepreneurial dreams to life. With a revolutionary cleaning method and a smart, streamlined business model, the potential for growth is enormous. To learn more about the Smart Carpet Cleaning franchise opportunity, visit our research pages here.

Start your franchising journey with Smart Carpet today by filling out an inquiry form here, and we will be in touch with a complimentary copy of our Franchise Information Report. We’re excited to meet you and help you realize your potential as a franchise owner in this exciting industry.

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